Custom Orthotic

Orthotics is a medical speciality within the medical field that is concerned with the design, manufacture and application of orthoses.

An Orthosis is an externally applied device used to modify the structural and function characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems.

Shape Capture

Ortho-Tec Limited uses a hands on approach for it’s “custom made Foot Orthoses”. We start with a hand crafted cast of the clients feet, then the complete manufacturing process is done “in house” by the Certified Orthotist and our Registered Orthotic Technician.

Lifestyle Enhancements

Physical challenges affect all of us at some point. The underlying condition/diagnosis can be acquired at or before birth, the result of a traumatic incident or a neuromuscular deficit. Traumatic injury can range from sports injuries, right up to severe work or automobile accidents.

Whatever the cause or severity of our physical limitations an Orthosis may be just the right tool ( used in conjunction with other healthcare modalities) to help us develop, improve or regain our level of function.