Ortho-Tec Limited rarely uses central fabrication services except for proprietary/patented products such as (but not limited to) Generation II / Ossur, Don Joy or Townend Knee braces.

Custom Fabrication

The majority of the orthoses supplied by Ortho-Tec Limited are fabricated in-house, usually to a cast of the patient’s body segment. Ortho-Tec Limited utilizes a fitting and dispensing model whereby the orthoses trim lines, interface padding and control strapping and hardware are completed with the patient/client present. This delivery method requires a little more time investment on the part of the client, initially, however, we feel it reduces the number of follow up visits.


Jewitt & Aspen

While most of our Orthoses are completely custom fabricated from either casts or concise measurements of the client we also supply some pre-assembled devices such as Jewitt Hyperextension Orthoses or Custom fitted Cervical Orthoses, for example “Aspen collars”